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10 reasons to travel with us

1. Comprehensive information on our website
On our pages, you find the majority of the important information, in order to help your decision, in picking the right fishing destination. If you already know, where you would like to go fishing, there are further facts to help your preparations for the trip of your life. For every destination, you can find a short descreption about the country, location, traffic, weather, prices of the most common products in the shops, etc… Naturally, you find also information about the target fish species, recommended seasons, methods and equipment. At some places, we can offer better conditions and/or prices for a certain size of group. For instance if we have boats suitable for 4 persons, the best prices can be calculated for groups of 4 - 8 - 12 etc. persons. You can reach us by phone or e-mail, please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice.

2. Tested and approved destinations and services
Each destination on our website have been tested by at least one of our team members earlier. Therefore, we are able to answer specific questions regarding accomodation, weather, food, prices and nevetheless fishing.  We frequently organize study/test-tours in order to investigate promising new destinations. Often, we even have specialists, experts accompanying our organized tours. 

3. Excellent value for money
We don’t aim to sell expensive, luxury tours, which only can be enjoyed by a certain wealthy group. We work hard and efficient on finding the destinations, creating affordable packages, so even “normal” fishermen can enjoy the trips, not just dream about them. Some people would not believe that a fantastic fishing trip is not a luxus anymore. Some of our locations are more expensive than others, and we all know, that nothing is for free. So flight tickets, hotel, camping, boat rental, guide etc… they all have their prices.

4. We assist you in organizing the travel
Finding the best prices for flight tickets, ferries, travel insurance, coordinating the connections, take luggage size limits in consideration etc. can be a challenging task. Beside selling the basic fishing package, we are happy to assist you in organizing your transportation itself and aswering your specific questions.

5. Safety and security
We will advice you and help you to find the right combination of the different possible travel insurances. Furthermore, if you apply for insurance for your trip, usually we are able to arrange it for special prices. Since Adventure Fishing is a registered travel agency, we have the appropriate safety deposit, which can comensate our clients in an unlikely event of a bankrupcy. We work only with reliable partners, who can provide the right safety equipment for boats and fishing.

6. Correspondence 24/7
Adventure Fishing is an online travel agency, which means that our opening hours are flexibel, you can contact us anytime by e-mail or by phone. We will answer your e-mail in 24 hours. This kind of flexibility saves time and money for you.

7. Assistance if needed

You are not alone on our tours. We provide professional local assistance which is a part of our package everywhere. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our local partner. You can also contact us by phone between 08:00-20:00 CET and we will do everything we can, in order to fix the problem, as soon as possible. Please contact us in case of problems, we try to give you a promt help, but cannot do much AFTER the trip...

8. Various destinations

Advenure Fishing provides trips in 4 different contnents. You can find your favourite fish or method: carp, pike, catfish, dorado, nile perch, sailfish…. we have them all. Do you prefer spinning? Or you want to try flyfishing? Do you want to catch the fish of your dreams on a big game trip? We are there for you.

9. We are the right partner for companies

In contrast to the usual backyard-bureaus, Adventure Fishing is an officially registered travel agency, following the actual EU legislation regarding to travel agencies, also concerning the required insurance. So our guests can always feel secure, no matter, what might happen. Naturally, our booking, invoicing, VAT calculation etc. is also in accordance with European rules. If you are thinking about some exciting team building, maybe an unusual training or meeting, one day or a week, right here or in Scandinavia… please contact us. We are happy to organize a kick-off or incentive trip for your company. Let us know your special requirements, and we prepare a tailor made fishing trip!

10. Professional support
Each member of the Adventure Fishing Team has several years of fishing experience, we have been fishing on the half of the globe. We help, if you would like to try a new fishing method, for instance boilie, spin, lure or big-game fishing, so your trip is going to be more successful. If you think about fly fishing, Kovács Zsigmond is FFF Certified Casting Instructor.

If you would like to have any further information, please just fill the contact form, and we will come back to you.

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