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Frequently asked questions


Regarding your booking

What can I do if there is no reply to my inquiry or booking within 48 hours?
It happens rarely that for some reason we do not receive your e-mail. In case you do not get any answers within 48 hours, please contact us by phone on +36 30 2255003.

When do I have a binding reservation?
Your confirmed reservation is going to be binding, as soon as we receive the participation fee, partly or completely. Since there are lots of inquiries, sometimes it is not easy to hold the reservation, especially during the main seasons. Please transfer the requested amount until the deadline, which is shown on the invoice or HERE, otherwise we cannot guarantee your reservation. If you expect 1-2 days delay, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the best time to book a tour?
This is an important question. Some of the destinations are really popular, and the places are sold well in advance. That is why the sooner you book a tour, the better chance you get free places for the requested period according to your requirements. We have allotments in most destinations, and you can see the exact number of places left for these dates.

There are four of us who would join the tour, but the fourth is not sure yet. What to do?
We try to be as flexible as we can. We recommend you to book the trip then for 3 persons. If there is an extra guest later on, we do our best to find extra places, both on the flight and in the hotel/boat. Anyway it is best collect the group in time to avoid such difficulties.

Four of us booked the tour, but we wish to pay separately. Is it possible?
No problem, but please write your booking reference among the remarks with bank transfer. Please also let us know, how and to whom we can send the invoice.

Do I receive a payment confirmation?
Absolutely. As soon as the payment (deposit or whole amount depending on the time of your reservation) has been transferred, we are going to send you not only a confirmation, but a small package with useful information regarding your trip.


Regarding accommodation and services

Are meals included in the package?
Most of our tours do not include meals, although in most cases we provide well equipped bungalows and cottages with kitchen and shopping possibilities or restaurants nearby. Some of our organized group tours include full board, mostly those destinations where there is no shopping or cooking available.

Do I have to clean the cottage or apartment when leaving?
In certain places yes, guests have to clean themselves, or buy end cleaning instead (e.g. Sweden and Norway). In some places cleaning is included in the price. We always inform our guests about the rules and regulations of each camp.

Is there a local guide included?
Mostly not, except for the organized group tours, where Adventure Fishing provides a group leader who know destination very well, and able to help with the translations. If you visit our premium destinations like Egypt, Canada, Kazakhstan, Thailand or Mexico, guiding is included even in the individual packages. The local staff in our camps is very helpful and gives advice regarding the best spots and methods. Anyway there are professional local guides available everywhere for extra charge. We always recommend to rent a local guide at least for the first day, they can really show you the best places and help to achieve the goal you paid for: to catch fish.

Is fuel for the boats included?
In some places it is, otherwise we inform our guests about the rules of using motorboats in our camps.

Do I have to buy fishing licence at the camp?
Fishing licence is included in our package, if not, we inform our guests about the current prices in the information material sent after booking confirmation.

Do I have to buy travel insurance?
Insurance is normally not included in our packages. We strongly recommend you to have valid travel insurance during your stay abroad.


Regarding travel to the destination

Shall I drive or fly?
It depends on the destination. Most of our European destinations are accessible both by car and airplane. Both alternatives have advantages and disadvantages. By car it takes much longer, but you can take a lot of equipment and other bag with you, it is not necessary to rent a car at the airport. If you fly, it is much faster and sometimes much cheaper as well, but you often have to pay extra charge for your baggage and tackles. We always give you advice for both alternatives.

What kind of documents needed for the travel?

For citizens of the so called Schengen countries it is allowed to travel with the national ID card, however we recommend you to have you valid passport with you. Travelling to Ireland and countries outside Europe requires a passport which is valid at least for 6 months ahead. If you drive your own car, please have the car insurance documents with you all the time, beside your travel insurance. You also need to have a visa to visit some countries, but we always indicate it on our website.

Can I book and by air or ferry tickets via Adventure Fishing?
As an official travel agency we can help you to book and buy tickets, insurance and rent a car through our official agents, please ask for an offer.


Regarding angling and tackles

I would like to try Big Game fishing, but I do not have the right tackle, and it is expensive to buy one…

We help you to choose destinations where tackle and equipment is provided by our partners, so no one has to make big investments for expensive tackles, clothes, etc.

We tried to answer the most frequent questions. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via or call +36 30 2255003!

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