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General Terms and Conditions of Travel

1. General terms and conditions
The following General Terms and Conditions, furthermore the information published on the website represent an integral component of the Travel Agreement entered into by the contracting parties, namely the Customer (hereinafter referred to as ”Customer”) and Adventure Hungary Kft.  (hereinafter referred to as ”Organiser”, address: Nyár utca 10. H-1072 Budapest, Hungary, company registry number: 01-09-703730, tax number: 12794049-2-43, travel agency permit number: U-001006).

2. Booking
You can request a quote or book your trip online. The Organiser after the booking sends a confirmation via e-mail to the Customer. The Travel Agreement shall be binding both parties if Organiser confirms the booking in writing and Customer pays the advance payment indicated by the Travel Agreement within the indicated deadline. Customer with his/her application accepts and agrees to the “General Terms and Conditions of Travel” published on the website.

3. Payment terms and conditions
Organiser invoices 40% of the participation fee to Customer at the time of application, as an advance payment amount, as long as there is no different provision indicated by the Travel Agreement. The remainder shall be transferred to the bank account of Organiser latest 45 days prior to the start of the travel, as long as there is no different provision indicated by the Travel Agreement. If the booking is made 45 days within the travel date, Customer shall pay the total participation fee to the bank account of Organiser. If any other payments –differing from the above- prevail, Organiser shall inform Customer when the booking is made.

4. Participation fee
Organiser offers both individual and group tours. Organiser includes the cost of all services and other expected costs in the participation fee, and/or gives a list of extra fees in the confirmation. The airfare is exclusively included in the participation fee in the case of organised, group tours. For individual trips the accommodation, boat, fishing permit and local assistance constitute part of the participation fee indicated by Organiser. Upon request of Customer, Organiser participates in the booking of the flight ticket, but in this case Organiser shall only proceed as a mediator between the partner issuing the flight ticket and Customer. Organiser shall not assume any liability related to the flight. The participation fee includes all taxes and duties, which are payable prior to or during the trip. Certain countries may apply special taxes and duties without preliminary notification. In relation to such incidental charges Customer shall not have a retrospective payment claim against Organiser.

5. Travel
Organiser shall not be liable for any changes made to the schedules/timetables. It is the obligation of Customer to confirm his/her flight ticket with the respective airline during the trip, and during the confirmation process Customer shall obtain information about any incidental changes made to the flight schedule. Organiser shall also not be liable for any transfer flights missed due to changes made to the schedule or delayed flights and for any other inconvenience. In such cases Customer shall ask for support from the respective airline. Organiser informs Customer that most flights tickets cannot be amended and/or cancelled.

6. Travel documents
Customer shall be responsible that the last name and first name indicated during the application process are identical to the names indicated on the passport and/or on the ID card used for travel. These in most cases cannot be corrected retrospectively, and any misspelling or errors may lead to exclusion from flying. Furthermore it is also the responsibility of Customer to inform Organiser about any changes made to the travel documents as soon as possible. Customer shall inspect without delay all travel documents handed over by the Organiser (flight ticket, voucher, etc.) and inform Organiser about any errors. Upon failure to do so Customer shall assume liability for any possible consequences. Customer shall possess of a valid passport and other documents required for entering the respective country. Passports expiring during the trip shall be considered invalid. Most countries outside Europe prescribe minimum 6 month validity on the passports. Related information can be obtained from the foreign representations of the given country. Customer shall be liable for all costs, which arise due to the usage of the invalid passport and/or from the absence of a required visa. 

7. Travel insurance
It is the responsibility of Customer to take out an adequate insurance policy, which shall provide cover not only for the costs of an illness arising during the possible trip, but also for the case of the cancellation of the trip, in the case of death, returning to home prior to the end of the trip and also in the case of damage caused to luggage. 
8. Cancellation
If Organiser in the confirmation otherwise not stipulates, the following costs shall be paid by Customer upon cancellation of the trip by Customer, on the top of any incidental travel costs (e.g. already issued flight ticket):
•    at least 60 days prior to departure: 150 EUR/person,
•    within 30 to 60 days prior to departure: 40% of the participation fee, but minimum 150 EUR/person,
•    if the cancellation takes place less than 30 days within the date of departure: total participation fee amount.
If stricter cancellation terms and conditions apply to the given booking than the terms and conditions indicated above, Organiser shall inform Customer without delay. The airfares included in the participation fee are not subject to reimbursement, as long as they are issued prior to cancellation. In this case the flight ticket constitutes the property of Customer. 

9. Cancellation insurance
Customer may take out a special, cancellation insurance, which provides protection for the case indicated in Article 7. The cancellation insurance provides reimbursement opportunity exclusively for the cases of illness, accident and death taking place prior to the start of the travel (in the case of Customer and next of kin). The presentation of a relevant medical certificate is required at all times. The cancellation insurance is a personal insurance, and the insurance is not subject to reimbursement upon cancellation of the trip. The cancellation insurance fee offered by Organiser shall be 5% of the participation fee, any payment shall take place after the deduction of the 20% own risk. The cancellation insurance shall be taken out and paid at the time of making the booking. 

10. Changes made by the Organiser
Customer shall be entitled to waive the Travel Agreement, if Organiser declares that it is unable to deliver its obligations undertaken in the frame of the Travel Agreement and this has a disadvantageous impact on Customer. If it is in the intention of Organiser to make changes to the Travel Agreement or to waive it, Organiser shall inform Customer about the changes without delay, furthermore Organiser shall also notify Customer about his/her right to waive the Travel Agreement. If Customer decides to waive the Travel Agreement, he/she shall be entitled to participate at a similar or higher level trip, if Organiser is able to offer such trip to Customer.  If Customer participates at a trip with a lower value, Customer shall be entitled to claim the value difference as compensation. If Customer wishes not to participate at any trips offered by Customer, or Organiser fails to offer such trips to Customer, Organiser shall reimburse the total paid in participation fee to Customer without delay. Customer shall have no right to submit further claims against Organiser.

11. Complaints
Customer shall inform Organiser, and/or the local partner of Organiser about any deficiencies within a reasonable period of time. This shall take place, in most cases in the target country. If the complaint of Customer is rightful Organiser or the local representative of Organiser shall take the required measures as soon as possible and to find a solution advantageous for both parties. Organiser shall not assume liability for such services, which were established between Customer and a third party during the trip. Organiser shall not be liable for delays in travel, and/or changes made to the schedule, and/or for factors outside the scope of influence of Organiser and having an impact on the travel (e.g. strike, weather, etc.). Organiser shall not be liable for the luggage damaged during the travel. 

12. Settlement of legal disputes
Any compensation claims arising against the Organiser shall be judged in accordance with the laws of Hungary. The Organiser possesses of the compulsory property collateral prescribed by the laws for the travel agencies at the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office. Contracting parties commit to settle their legal disputes arising from the Travel Agreement in a peaceful manner, upon failure to do so parties stipulate the exclusive authority of the Pest Central District Court. 

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