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Hungary - Lake Tisza

About the destination

The Lake Tisza is one of the most exciting fishing destinations in Hungary. It was errected in the 1950's with across damming the second largest river of the country. The Tisza has her own river bed, while the lake is regulated across the numerous man made channels, you can also approach the lake through these channels and gates. Today it became a unique area inside the Hortobágy National Park. With her winding side arms, outstanding avi fauna and nevertheless great fish, it is like a small Danube Delta, with a much better infrastructure.

The Lake Tisza can be divided into three main parts: the Abádszalók and Sarud basins, plus the Hortobágy National Park. The first two parts are mainly visited by holiday makers, thanking to its nice sandy beaches and water sport facilites. There are many anglers as well, who prefer this area for fishing. The major part of the national park can be visited for fishing and birdwatching purposes, there are some special rules though. We provide fisihing mainly in this area. The other part can be visited only with a special permission.

There are certain parts where entire forests had been dammed, which means a lot of underwater blocks. These are sometimes very difficult to see and damage the propeller very quickly. The lake is only 1,2 metres deep in average with a few 4-5 meter deep holes. The river part is much deeper, it can reach 12-15 meters in some places.

Best seasons to travel

It depends mainly on what kind of fish you want to catch. During May and the beginning of June - just like in some European countries - it is prohibited to catch many fish species, like carp, catfish, barb and asp. Bream, tench and other white fish can be cought from spring to late autumn. Fishing for carp, catfish and asp is a tipical summer fishing - the real season is August and September. Best spinning for pikes and pike-perch is late September and October, if it is not too warm.



How to get there

The easiest and most comfortable way to get there is by own car, especially from the Central-European countries. Since Hungary is an EU country and joined the Schengen Agreement, you might only need your ID card, unless you are from UK, Ireland or non-EU country. Our camp is situated close to Tiszafüred, which is 130 kilometres from the Budapest.

There are plenty of low cost flights to the Hungarian capital, among others Ryanair, Wizzair, Easy Jet, Air Berlin, etc. We can organize airport transfers for a very reasonable price.

Special rules

We provide fishing in a nature reserve, where certain parts are not opened for the public and can be visited only with a local guide. You are not allowed to use motorboats only up to 6 HP. It is not allowed to disturb the avi fauna, set up a tent and make campfire.Two fishing rods per angler are allowed with two hooks on each. You can keep a certain amount of fish, but we encourage catch & release. Since it is a special area where you can easily get lost, we provide a 3 hour introduction tour by motorboat with an English-speaking local guide for each guests.



We provide simple wooden cottages with 4 beds and fridge directly by the pier. There is a shared toilette and a shower which works with a 1 EUR coin. This is ideal for 2-4 anglers. For bigger groups or families we provide private houses in the town close to the pier, with 2-3 bedrooms, own bathroom, kitchen and terass up to 12 guests.

Breakfast or half pension is available for a very reasonable price in the restaurant located at the pier. Here you find a tackle shop as well, food stores and other restaurants can be found in the town.


We provide very stable 6 meter long motorboats with 6 HP engine for 2-3 anglers. English speaking fishing guide is available upon request.

You can hire canoes at the pier as well for birdwathcing.

Optional programs

If you do not want to spend the entire week with fishing, there are plenty of other activities to do. You can find a lot of good sandy beaches around, aquaparks, thermal spas. There are plenty of nature trails on the lake to walk around. We are happy to organize a guided tour to Budapest or a wine-tasting in Eger or Tokaj. Feel free to ask for a tailor-made offer!

Prices and services per person

Basic program               With tour guiding for 5 days

2 anglers                    EUR 390                              EUR 480                               

3 anglers                    EUR 340                              EUR 400

4 anglers                    EUR 340                              EUR 380

The basic program includes:

  • 7 nights accomodation,
  • usage of 6 HP motorboat excluding petrol,
  • breakfast and dinner for 7 days,
  • 3-hour introduction guiding upon arrival,
  • fishing permits,
  • professional local assistance.

In case you are interested in the program or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with the help of the following form, or send us an email:



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