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Italy - River Po

About the destination

Fishing for the giant catfish has always been a special sport by the famous Po River in Italy. The  usage of the gigantic fishing gears plus the fact, that in any second you can catch a fish in your own weight makes the whole fishing even more exciting. 

The catfish weigh normally around 20-40 kilograms, but nearly every day there are species over 2 meters. The most popular bait for catfish here is the eel provided on a huge floating set. Beside this method spinning is also very popular, especially with deep-running wobblers or with large twisters. Beside catfish there are plenty of huge carps, pike-perch. Those anglers who prefer the feeder technic are also welcom here, there are numerous huge barbs and other whitefish waiting for you!
About the fishing camp
The Po River with its 650 kilometres is the longest river in Italy, and also one of the best water in the whole world for catfish angling. Year by year there are thousands of anglers who travel here to catch their dreamfish. Thanking to the excellent climate and the richness of the river, here you can find the largest catfish in the world. 
It is important to know that our camp is locatad not directly at the Po-Delta, but some 200 kilometres upstream. It means less overfishing and bigger catfish due to the catch&release angling. The biggest catfish cought in our camp was 255 centimetres long and weighed 114 kilograms. The hosts are trying to show you the best places and the most successful mehtods. Upon arrival they give you as much information as they can, but during they are keen on helping the visitors during the entire week with good and professional advices. Upon request they can provide both fishing equipment and private fishing guides for very reasonable prices. 

pó horgásztúra, harcsa

Recommended fishing seasons

The best period for catfish angling is April and May, but September can also be very succesful, even till the end of October, depending on the water temperature. Warm summer nights are also very good to catch catfish directly under the water surface. Another advantage of August-September is the realtively stable weather and water level.  

How to get there

The camp is located not far from Mantova. The best way to travel from the Central-European region is by own car. There are plenty of low-cost flights (Ryanair, Norwegian, Easy Jet, etc) to the region. The closest airport is Venice-Treviso is located about 180 kilometres from the camp.


Fishing rules  

There is a strict Catch & release for catfish! You can kill other species , like pike-perch, carp, etc. but only for local consumption. Those who break the law, must leave the camp immediately.



La Motta apartman
We provide apartments in different sizes in the 600 year old La Motta, which has been built in the popular Lombardian style. A few steps from the apartment you can find the meeting point of the two rivers: Po and Oglio. The boat ramp is located also very close. Each apartment is equipped with kithcen and fridge, they have permanent warm-water supply in the bathroom (which is not  always common in Italy, by the way). We recommend you to bring sleeping bag or a blanket, madrass and pillow is included in the price. There are shops and pizzerias nearby La Motta. We provide 7-day trips, arriving/departure is always on Satrudays.

Outdoor - with own tent
If you wish to spend as much time as possible outside in the nature, you can do it directly by the river. Upon receiving the motorboat and the host will show you the recommended places for fishing and overnight. We provide possibility for bathroom, fridge, common room and parking at La Motta apartment house.

Boats, equipment

We provide massive, 6 meter long boats equipped with new 25 PS engines. The rental of fising equpiment (road and reel with line) costs 30 EUR/week. We also provide guiding, it costs 20 EUR/ person/hour (25 EUR in case of single booking, minimum 3 hours).

Our prices include:

  • Accomodation in apartment for 7 nights

  • Use of motorboats for 7 days, excluding gas

  • Detailed information, local assistance


Price per person in apartment              685 EUR* 

Outdoor fishing with own tent              435 EUR*

*Price depends on the number of participants. Above price is calculated for the booking of 2-3 persons with 1 motorboat. In case of booking for 3 anglers, we provide a bigger motorboat.


If you are interested in the above tour, or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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