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Kazakhstan - River Ili

About the destination
Kazakhstan, the former Soviet state is the 9th biggest country in the whole world. The major part of the country is landlocked including sea sized lakes, like Caspian-, Aral-, or Balkash Lakes. The famous Ili-river belongs to the latter, with its 1400 kilometres it is one of the longest rivers in Asia. Ili-river is probably the best water in the world to catch Giant catfish. Beside these enormous creatures there are also record big pike perches, asps, carps and other whitefish waiting for the sport anglers from all over the world.

Seasons, when to plan the trip?
The major part of Kazakhstan has a continental weather with fairly few rainfalls. During summertime you can expect very hot daytime temperature with cold nights. The best season for Giant catfish is June.

How to get there?
There are nonstop and indirect flights from most of the European big cities to Almaty. We provide a transfer from the airport to the camp with 4x4 vehicles. Please contact Adventure Fishing to give you an offer for flight transportation.

About fishing rules
You have to follow C&R – Catch and Release rules on this trip as well.

What kind of equipment shall we take with us?
We have to be prepared for really big fish, so we recommend the strongest tackle for catfish. There are also other species as well, like carps, pike perches, it is recommended to take softer tackle for these fish as well. It is important to have all the necessary equipment with us, including hook, lead, lines, etc, because there is now possibility to buy these on the spot. There is GSM availability in the camp only between 9.p.m and 8.a.m. We provide 220 volt jacks as well. We have to prepare enough medication for stomach diseases, headaches, fever, etc.

About the Ili-river
The delta of the famous Ili-river begins 320 kilometres north of Almaty, and it stretches up some 650 square kilometres. There are plenty of fish species, beside the famous Giant catfish we can angle for carps, pike perches, barbs, sturgeons. They continuously register the catches in the camp. It happens in June-July that a group of 10 people can catch 3-400 pieces of catfish during 1 week! Among these there are more than 10 over 2 metres, and more than 160 above 1 meter. These results cannot be achieved in any other places of the world!

The fishing camp is located 4 kilometres from Koshkarbay village, we provide 10 safari style bungalows. These are equipped with 2 wide beds including mosquito nets. There is a full board with 3 warm meals per day, mostly European dishes. Refreshment and alcoholic drinks are provided for extra charge. Beside the restaurant and kitchen there is a sauna, showers and water closet.

We provide 6 meter long plastic boats, which are equipped with 25 HP  Mercury engines. Each boat is for 2 anglers with a professional local guide. They speak mostly Russian language, but according to our experiences the understand each other with the guests. Bait fish – which is mainly asp – has to be cought by ourselves.

Please click HERE if you want to see more photos about the catch!

What kind of services are included in the price?

•    Accommodation in bungalows with 2 beds for 9 nights
•    8 days fishing in motorboats for 2 persons including 10 litres of fuel per day
•    Professional local guide to each boat during the entire stay
•    Full board including 3 meals per day
•    Return 4x4 transfer between the airport and the camp

Price per person: 1.790 EUR*
*in case of 2 persons travelling together

Following services are not included in the price:
•    Air tickets,
•    Fuel over 10 litres per day (1,50 EUR/liter),
•    Alcoholic beverage in the camp,
•    Tips for the local staff,
•    Travel insurance.

In case you are interested in the program or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with the help of the following form!


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