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Norway - sea fishing


About the destination

People who visit Norway are all amazed about the beauty of the nature. The major part of the country is covered by the Scandinavian Mountains, its highest peak is 2.469 meters above the sea level. In the Western-Norway you can find the famous fjords stratching far into the mainland. They remaied from the Ice Age, and provide a unique character for the country. Most of these fjords mean a real paradise for the different fish species, and of course for the fishermen as well. 

Northern-Norway is one of the best fishing destinations in the whole world. The Gulf Stream, which starts in the Gulf of Mexico and stretches up to the Northern part of Norway is bringing relatively warm water, which is extremely rich in planktons and other delicacies. There are also billions of small fish, including mackerels and herrings, which attract plenty of predators: codefish, halibuts, dolphins. 

We tried to pick the best option for an unforgetable angling in Norway. Our fishing camp is stiuated on the very North, over the Arctic Circle, where we can fish 24 hours at daylight during the summer months. If you once experience the midnight sun, you will never forget it.

About the weather

There are plenty of stereotipes regarding the Norwegian weather, some say it is always snowing, and there are pole bears running up and down the streets. Since the country is 2000 kilometres long, we can experience different kinds of weather in the different parts of Norway. One of the advantages of the Gulf Stream is, that most of the harbours are not frozen, not even in the coldest winter months.

The southern part of the country has a very pleasent climate, the temperature can reach 20-25 Celsius in summer. Allthough most of the stereotipes are not true, it is worht to be preventive: once we are fishing on the open water, the temperature can fall 10-15 degrees, and it can be windy with big wawes.

About the seasons

The sea fishing season is fairly long in Norway, that means we can expect good results almost all year long. March and April are the best months to catch codefish, since they spawn in large numbers in the Norwegian fjords. This is the only time of the year when you can do successful shorefishing for big codefish, sometimes above 15 kilogramms.

Luckily, we can easily catch codefish in summer and also in September. The best season for halibut is August-September: alltogether we recommend fishing between March and October.

About our fishing camp in Lyngen-fjord

We are providing a really unique fishing camp on the Northern part of the country, well over the Arctic Circle in beautiful enviroment. The country record codefish has been cought by one of the guests here, its weight was 42 kilogramms! Here we can make shore fishing as well for smaller fish.

How to get there

The fishing camp is located 200 kilometres from Tromso, our package is including the  transfer from/to the airport. Both SAS and Norwegian have  4-5 flights per day from Oslo, Norwegian has  even a direct flight from London Gatwick to Tromso. Tour departures are always on Tuesdays.


We provide several, high-standard apartments and cabins for 4-6 persons. They are all located directly by the water. There is a separate outside place for fish cleaning. It is only a short walk to the centre where we find food stores, and a tackle shop as well.

Boats and equipment

We are providing 2 kinds of boat: Fjordfangst and Arvor, the latter has a covered deck. The boats are all equipped with radar, which make fishing much easier. Fishing equipment can be rent upon request for 300 NOK/week. The host will give you all the information about fishing upon arrival.

Our package includes:

  • 7 nights accomodation in high-standard apartments/cottages

  • Usage of Arvor motorboats for 7 days

  • Detailed information and assistance 

Package price:  740 EUR/person

*Price is depending on the number of participants. Abouve price has been calculated for 4 persons with 1 Arvor type boat. Return transfer from Tromso airport costs 160 euros per person.



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