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Roumania - Danube Delta

About the destination
The Danube splits into three smaller parts before she could reach the Black Sea: On the south you find the Saint George with its 70 kms, in the middle the slightly shorter Sulina, while on the North there is the longest one, the Chilia. It is also the border between Roumania and Ukraina. The Danube Delta is a world heritage today, thanking to its unique flora and avi fauna. It is also the second largerst delta in Europe, following the Volga river, the entire surface is 3.446 square kms, roughly 80% is a strictly protected nature reserve.

There are only a few things which can disturb our fising holiday at the Danube Delta: swans, herons and also other, protected birds, which charactarize this natural beaty of Europe. Here you can find variable fish species. With 1-2 days bait feeding you can catch very powerful wild carps in 3-6 kgs range, but if you have more patience you might find a few giant carps in a well selected part of the river which can be in a 20+ kgs category. Talking about the giant catfish, the Danube Delta reminds us to the highlight of the famous Po river both in size and quantity. Once you choose fishing at night instead of sleeping, you have a good chance to catch a 50+ catfish. There is also a legendary stock of pikes as well. Spending only a half day with spinning, you can catch dozens of pikes, using the right blinker or wobbler. Nevertheless there are plenty of beautiful pike perche (zander), perch and asp, all providing an unforgettable experience for the visitors.

Fishing seasons
Basically the visitors have to decide in two main questions: what kind of fish and which method? Springtime is very good for pikes, early summer for catfish. Autumn can be fruitful for catfish, zander and carp, that is why it is the most frequented period in our booking system. August can be very warm, again an excellent period for catfish lovers. October-November are excellent months for pike-spinning again.

On the other hand there are other factors to consider. If you do not prefer cold weather, we recommend you to book in July-August; you will not have a cold even in the sunrise hours, which might happen in autumn. Do not worry: you have a great chance to catch both pikes and zanders during the summer months. If you prefer catfish, you might want to take a look at the lunar calender: dark nights provide the best chance for giant catfish. Carp can be cought practically all year long, we recommend August-September.

How to get there
Depending on the country of departure, you can both fly or drive. There are lots of traditional and low-cost flights to Bucharest. Here you can hire a car or we can provide a return transfer upon request. If you drive, from Central Europe it takes approximately 15-20 hours to Tulcea, which is the actual gate of the Danube Delta. From here there is still a 70 kms drive on a dirt road or an optional motorboat transfer to the fishing camp.

About the weather

The weather is mainly continental which is slightly influenced by the sea. The annual average temperature is 11°C, the annual drainage is between 400-500 mm, the daytime temperature can be pleasant even in November, though the nights are already chili.

About the prices
In Roumania you find reasonable prices, both for food and accomodation. It does not influence the trip very much, since we provide a full-board on our fishing trips. Alcoholic and soft drinks are not included, these can obtained in the local shop or in the camp for a reasonable price.

About the fishing rules
You can kill no more than 5 kg fish per day. If you make catch & release (which we strongly recommend) you can fish without problem. The camp owners do not encourage the unlimited fish-killing, of course it is possible to bring a some catfish or zander for own consumption.

About the equipment and fishing methods
Again you have to decide what kind of fish you would like to catch. If you plan spinning, there is a wide range of rods and lines: for perch we recommend 200-220 cm and 2-15 gramm rod with very thin, 0,12-0,14 mm lines, but for catfish you should have a stronger, 80-150 gramm and a braided line. There are also pikes, asp, and zander to consider with rod sizes in between... If you want to catch carp and big catfish with vertical fishing, you must have strong equipment. There are all kinds of baits available, with each booking confirmation we send you a detailed descreption.

About the service
Adventure Fishing provides a package including a wide range of services, this is very important in order to have an unforgattable week or fortnight at the Danube Delta.

We provide the following services:

  • accomodation in small wooden cottage for 2 persons with separate WC and bathroom
  • Half-board (rich breakfast, dinner with several dishes, mainly Hungarian and Transylvanian cuisine),
  • motorboat for 2 persons,
  • fishing permits
  • professional local assistance

Price: 585 EUR p.p.

Not included in the price
: fuel for motorboats (fixed price - 2 euros per liter), alcoholic and soft drinks, tips.

Please bring your motorboat license if you have one!

Useful advice

Please do not forget: the Danube Delta is a wild water, with its own rules and weather. There is no guaranteed fish here. BUT if you are well-prepared and listen to the local guide, spend the day on the water instead of drinking beer in the bar, you have a great chance to catch marvellous fish. One of the main mistakes are that the visitors want to try a little bit of each method and fish. You may choose 2, maximum 3 fish species in which you are really interested and consult with the local guide. Make a plan for yourself! For example if you want to catch catfish, carp and zander, than navigate to the same selected place every morning where you want to catch carp, and spend a half day there. After this you still have time to fish for zander in the afternoon, before it gets dark. Go back to the camp, relax, take a shower, have a great dinner, then back to the water for night to hunt for the catfish. Sometimes you spend the night on the water and sleep a few hours in the boat, but do it only every other night then. Once again: the local guide is there for you to plan your tailor made schedule!

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