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Mexico - Big Game

Most of the anglers would try Big Game fishing at least once in their life, allthough this kind of adventure can be normally quite expensive. It takes several hours to get to the fishing spot with powerful motorboats. The costs are  shared among 5-6 anglers on the boat, and they normally decide at the beginning in which order they are going to catch the fish. The only problem if there are only 2 fish per day...

There is place in Mexico along the Pacific Coast, where - thanking to the great circumstances - we can provide the Big Game fishing for a really reasonable price.

There are plenty of good fishing spots close to the coast, where there is a huge stock of sailfish. Beside sailfish we can also catch powerful golden mackerels and - depending on the weather and water temperature - tunas and marlins as well. 

The Pacific Ocean is mainly calm in this area, the wawes are quite long, and that is the reason why we cannot feel them so intensively. On the other hand there are plenty of cleavages along the Mexican Pacific Coast, only 10-20 miles from the shore where the different streams attract the smaller fish and of course the predators. Nevertheless, you can catch sailfish within one mile from the cost, so there is no need for an expensive and powerful motorboat. The local fishermen are deeply involved in tourism, they use 6-8 meter long super panga boats, which have a smaller engine, that means less fuel consumption. In most cases there are 2 anglers hiring such a boat with an experienced captian, which means that every second fish is yours!

Beside the offshore fishing we must definetly mention the inshore fishing as well. It is a great fun to catch smaller bonitos, perch and pikes with a 30-60 gramm spinning road. Another populare inshore method is fishing with a dead fish bait using a float, or wobbling directly in front of the rocks.

These small Mexican towns along the Pacific Coast have a very unique atmosphere. Most of them became involved in the tourist business while keeping their autentic character. This is a trip where you can bring along your family as well. Some of our earlier guests returned here with their wives. The boys can go fishing early in the morning, while the girls can enjoy a good "beauty sleeping" and a nice breakfast, before swimming in the pool and shopping in the local  craftmen's  street.  They can gather in the afternoon  for a cocktail, before having a delicious dinner while enjoying the sunset over the ocean... 

Another great advantage of the Mexican Big Game fishing that you do not have to suffer from bad weather, mosquitos, etc. There is a pleasant 20+ Celsius, simple but clean hotelrooms, delicious and reasonable restaurants, friendly and reliable people, great handicrafts, amazing sandy beaches and good bars, where you can have a Corona or Tequila with a cigar while explaining the fishing adventures.

With the main focus on sailfish our peak season is from November to March. The period around Christmas and New Year's Eve can be crowded. 

An individual fishing trip for 10-12 days costs not more than 1.700 - 1.900 EUR including air fare from Europe, accomodation and fising. It is still a remarkable amount, but those who know about Big Game fishing, would definetly say that this is a great value for your money. The costs are higly depending on the air fares and the dollar/euro rate.

The participation fee:

860 EUR p.p. in case of 2 anglers travelling together

790 EUR p.p. in case of 3 anglers travelling together


The above prices include:

  • Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport
  • Accomodation for 9 nights in a 3-star hotel in double or triple room
  • 5 days fishing from a super pange boat
  • Only 2 anglers per boat, for 3 anglers we provide a bigger boat
  • Good quality fishing tackles
  • Professional local crew on the boat
  • 3 days for leisure

You have to pay separately:

  • Air fare to Mexico (ask for a detailed offer)
  • Meals
  • Tips (we recommend 80-100 USD p.p.)

The above combination of fishing/leasure days is only a recommendation, we are happy to prepare your tailor made fishing holiday. Discounts for non-anglers travelling with the group. 

In case you are interested in the tour or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with the help of the following form, or send an e-mail to

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